We are Five…….

Hi guys, this group is entitled, “Twisted DNA’s” and in this group, we would try our utmost best to untwist any “twisted” information in this biochemistry course just as how DNA is untwisted before it can form mRNA molecules which carry genetic information A simple introduction of each member of the group proceeds below. Enjoy!

hi BrandnB :  I like the things I do sometimes, Chemistry and Biology are cool subjects to pursue a degree in but Biochemistry it  seems pretty “cool” to merge the both. My hobbies differ from my split personalities( lol just kidding), I like swimming and spent time with my family and friends when I can. This blog will change the way I interact with the outside world by introducing myself as a person who favors the little things in life and enjoys it too. I base mostly everything on principle and practice but sometimes it can’t be helped but everyone makes mistakes and miraculously it turns for better when you know someone has it worst than you but I understand them even more as similar issues compare.

Hazel: I am thrilled to have embarked on this journey to my degree in Biochemistry! I feel privileged assist in making this amazing blog where I, along with the members of Twisted DNA’s: Breaking The Bonds will share all that we will learn throughout this interesting course. This is the platform upon which I will join my colleagues to express our deepest thoughts on each topic that will be done in the most creative way possible. I surely look forward to working as part of this “ChemClan” as we plunge into the vast ocean of Biochem to discover the foundation of our existence! So let the fun begin…

Kim : Hi I am currently a university student pursuing a degree in biology and chemistry, which is applicable to the course Biochemistry. To me, with biochemistry you get the best of both worlds as it includes both of the sciences and it also shows you how each are dependent on each other. This blog essentially is biochemistry related, where the 5 individuals,(including myself) as a group can showcase our different talents and personalities through this one blog. The purpose really is so everyone who embarks upon this blog can see biochemistry with renewed eyes, as fun and exciting. Therefore the twistedDNAs can come together to make this learning process an enjoyable one for you! 

Hello, my name is Kevin. I am in my second semester of my first year at university. In this semester, I along with four other future biochemists, are associated together in a group in which we have to create a blog. The reason for this blog is for us to share our intellect and understanding of this Biochemistry course as we progress through the semester. As you may be aware already, the title of our group is Twisted DNA’s and I am quite glad to share our findings and the information we gather with the public in order for others to achieve in Biochemistry also. This project is also a fun and interesting way for me and my companions to develop as students as well as further our knowledge in the concept of Biochemistry. I do hope that everyone is fascinated and engaged by this blog and grasps all our information with ease. Enjoy!

Hello, my name is Aaliyah and I am currently a first year student. I have had an introduction to biochemistry at CAPE level in the past and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I’m very excited and anxious to continue studying Biochemistry. Blogging has been a little hobby of mine, and so I’m pleased to be able to mix an enjoyable pastime with school work. This blog is a new and interesting way to present Biochemistry and what it is about to the public. I hope you join with us on this journey and appreciate the effort and information. I’m looking forward to both you and the group members benefiting from this experience.