As the above picture indicates today’s topic gonna be discussed are lipids.

So BrandnB and Kevin are here to produce some knowledge about what we learnt in the past week about lipids.

Let’s Begin…..

Lipids are sources of energy, performs structural functions, cell signaling and identification, insulation  and to create cell membranes.

Lipids produce more energy per gram  because they are more reduced as compared to hydrocarbons. Fat has to be hydrolyzed into the fatty acid and alcohol with then takes alternate pathways to be utilized to create energy.

Lipids have a common name but are classified into several groups.

  • Fatty acidsfatty acids
  • Phospholipids


  • Triacylglycerol


  • Steroids


  • Gylcolypids


Let’s get at it.

Lipids can be saturated and unsaturated, they posses carbon to carbon single bonds and carbon to carbon double bonds respectively.  These properties can lead to variation in  physical properties.


As you can see the differences in saturation and unsaturation are the presence of the C=====C .


Saturation deals with the functional C—-C or C====C bonds. Therefore the physical properties vary such as state at room temperature, melting point, solubility in some cases.

Fats are saturated  and generally solid at room temperature  which allows then to  posses a higher Melting point than oils due to the lack of whereas oils are unsaturated and liquid at room temperature. Lets begin who will win.


As we know butters and margarine are bad for you as well as excess oils. There exist a problem of the lesser of two evils. Fats allow foods to taste extremely better due the ability carry fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A,D,E and K. But it leads to Plaque build up in our circulatory system and Heart Diseases. The figure below shows a normal artery , artery with plaque build up and finally a clogged artery. This is due to the deposit of  lipids in the artery walls that beings to block the lumen the eventually leads to atherosclerosis and Coronary heart disease.





Well I guess she found out that grandma use to put 3 sticks of butter in  her cakes to give that special taste, we know how granny makes  it.

Did you know Beeswax is created from lipids, by reacting a fatty acid and a long chain alcohol.


Bees and Ants also use a mono-saturated fatty acid (oleic acid) to signal to remove dead bodies from an area.  This chemical signals other worker ants or bees to remove these bodies because they do not want to pollute the nest or infect their queen.

oliec acid


The structure above is cis-oleic acid.

Since We figure that you might think that Hey is this similar to amino acids with the carboxyl group on the right and in this case a methyl group on the left.

7p0z5This particular orientation allows for Designation.

But for assignment of the omega,  monosaturated and unsaturated fatty acids we start form the methyl end and the first point of unsaturation.

As we know not all fatty acids are made in the body but can be obtained through diet as anything else essential due to the body being unable to synthesis a C===C before the 9th Carbon.

Therefore Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids must be obtained through diet.




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