Review of the video: LET’S TEST YOUR ATTENTIVENESS!!!

Hey guys this is Hazel-Ann and Kimberly here to bring you the YouTube review. So this video is sooo informative it’s just amazing…Mr. Jason Matthew basically explains everything you need to know about cells (at this introductory level of Biochemistry) in the most interesting, student friendly way possible. Apart from that, what I really love about this video is the presentation of the information. Mr. Jason ensures that he leaves you with visual representations of every topic he speaks about…so either way, it will be quite easier for the listener to recall what he has heard and observed. Below is a breakdown of information gathered from the entire video. We tried my best to present it in a creative, fun way to see how well both you and I have retained what we saw and heard in the video. The main points are listed below. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

-There are two main types of cell, prokaryotes and eukaryotes:
-Eukaryotes cells have a membrane bounded nucleus
-However prokaryote cells lack a nuclei.
-Prokaryotes have 70s ribosomes and eukaryotes have 80s ribosomes.
-Prokaryotes have circular DNA
-Eukaryotes have DNA in the form of linear chromosomes
-*NB*: ribosomes are measured in Svedsburg units, denoted by “s”, which is used to measure how fast molecules move within the cell.

Therefore we can officially say:



Figure 1- The cell model showing its structures. (


The table below shows the composition and functions of various structures of plant and animal cells. However, the FUNCTION column is not in order!! You must carefully read the contents of each column and match each structure to its corresponding function from the FUNCTION column. If you get all correct……you are a BIOCHEMATIC!



Also the differences between prokaryotes and eukaryotes were clearly stated in which the main distinction is whether the cell lacks a nucleus. The video was very informative and interactive which made me want to learn more. So I researched the cell and found out that mitochondria is inherited from the maternal line only! HOW COOL! Believe it or not we have our mother’s mitochondria. Mr. Matthews allows learning to be seen in a new light and actually makes you want to study. He explains everything thoroughly and allows you to answer questions to make sure you were not sleeping during the video or wake you up if you were. Lol just kidding.

Anyways guys that’s all about this youtube review! Hope you enjoy the video as much as we did!




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