Youtube Review 2 – Glycolysis!

The video of review is a You Tube video entitled, “Glycolysis: The Reactions,” published by the NDSU VCell Production’s Animation. This five minute video covered the basic aspects of glycolysis such as what it does, where it occurs, the products of the reaction and the division into two phases. The video became more detailed as they included the ten reactions of glycolysis. For each reaction, they even named the enzyme catalyst, the products of the reactions and stated which reactions were irreversible. Additionally, chemical structures were provided in each reaction for better understanding of the changes that occur.
However, despite its great detail, the video failed to describe the importance of the some of the enzymes for example PFK-1 being of great significance with respect to regulation and Triose Phosphate Isomerase being a kinectically perfect enzyme. The video also lacked all the fates that the pyruvate molecule can undergo and the products of these fates. The only fate that was mentioned in the video was under aerobic conditions but no details were provided on this process. However, for a five minute video, it is quite detailed and helpful to persons trying to acquire a quick understanding of glycolysis. It is a video that I would highly recommend because of its organization and effectiveness in five minutes of teaching.
Kevin and Aaliyah signing out!



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