Published Paper Review 1

A Published paper review of Methylene Blue as a Cerebral Metabolic and Hemodynamic Enhancer.   This topic was very interesting to see that methyl blue, a chemical indicator is used as cerebral metabolic and hemodynamic enhancer. Normally I use it for my fish aquariums and when doing a redox experiment or staining slides.  See how pretty he looks without ich or velvet. fish Anyway back to the topic…… The study involved mitochondria and a lot of brain power. Mitochondria as we know are the “power-houses” of the cell. Mitochondria can vary in size, shape and quantity depending on the type of cell you are. Mitochondrion during the production of energy from pyruvate produces reactive oxidative species that affect normal bodily functions and activities. Methylene blue increases the drive for the uptake of glucose by the brain and its utilization of oxygen.  Oxygen is essential for the brain due its high metabolic activity and processes. Methylene blue also increases the activity of cytochrome c oxidase transferring the highly powered electrons to oxygen creating molecules of water. Methylene blue under the conditions of normoxia (normal oxygen levels) and hypoxia (reduced oxygen levels) increases the partial pressure for oxygen and hemoglobin’s affinity for oxygen showing the uptake of oxygen rapidly. Blood flow to the brain is increased, glucose concentration increases and the rate at which oxygen is metabolized also increases.  This research can indicate that neurological diseases can be managed more effectively through this method of control and treatment.  I learnt much from this because of my interest in how a chemical that I typical use as a disinfectant of the ich and velvet diseases of my fishes. It’s indicative that the solution to cures are  around us and it is the applications of the future biochemists and innovative thinking helps us on our way.   Reference Lin, A., Poteet, E., Du, F., Gourav, R. C., Liu, R., Wen, Y., Bresnen, A., Huang, S., Fox, P. T., Yang, S. 2012. “Methylene blue as a cerebral metabolic and hemodynamic enhancer”.


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