So long, farewell….

BrandnB: Okay guys, farewell till next time meaning a month or two till our next post… Ok you caught us… We will be back soon to share our understanding in the subject of Biochemistry. BrandnB here yet again expressing my thanks for the new followers, viewers, especially the viewers from other countries and also my fellow bloggers you know yourselves once again thanks till next time.

Hazel-Ann: Well guys this brings us to the end of blogging for this semester (don’t worry we’ll be back :P)! I must say the journey has just begun and so far it has been quite prosperous and I am honoured to have worked alongside all of the other members of Twisteddnas: Breaking the Bond! I have learned from this blogging activity that great team work is an important asset to a holistic individual. Constant blogging has also helped me in remembering what was taught by my amazing lecturer, Mr. Jason Matthew. Through this activity I was able to express my thoughts about Biochemistry thus far. I have also seen a great improvement in my creativity skills and have become more of an innovative thinker because of this blogging. I have learnt skills I have never been exposed to before like how to do a wordle, a video review, a reflection, even how to blog and much more! I am grateful for the experience and surely look forward to moving on to year two of Biochemistry and to embrace what it has to offer. I hope that Twisteddnas: Breaking the Bond has been helpful to you in many ways. So goodbye for now and I wish all of my colleagues good luck in final exams!

Kevin: Hello friends. This is Kevin here. It’s been a long and hard semester and we have finally completed our creative and helpful blog. This is definitely not a goodbye note but it’s simply a conclusion of all our work during this semester. I had absolute fun with this blog because it was a new, creative form of learning, not for just me but also for all our viewers and the other member of Twisted DNAs. I’d also like to thank our lecturer Mr. Jason Matthew for his guidance and effective teaching abilities. Additionally, I know I speak for everyone when I say that we all enjoyed making this blog and we hope you guys enjoy it as well. See you guys!!

Aaliyah: Hey guys! Well this semester has finally come to an end and that means blogging is over. *sad face* It definitely was an enjoyable experience, hard at times, but fun and helpful anyway. Continue to be the amazing Biochemians you are and work hard towards your goal! Thank you all for viewing our blog and I hope that it helped in some way J Farewell for now, wishing my peers (and myself lol) all the best in finals!

Kim: Hey guys its Kim. It has been great over the past few months blogging about biochemistry. I have learnt a lot while teaching the world biochemistry. Hopefully this is not the last time you guys hear from us. Certainly I have enjoyed blogging and so much so I have decided to take it up as a hobby of mine. Thanks guys for reading our blog and wish us luck for finals, they are in a couple weeks!